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Associaçao Industrial Portuguesa-Confederaçao Empresarial - AIP-CCI


Created on 1837 and since then Portuguese Industrial Association- Chamber of Commerce and Industry - AIP-CCI has been promoting the development of economical activities, supporting the interests of Portuguese enterprises as well as its modernization and internationalization.

To accomplish these purposes  AIP promotes Fairs and Congresses, provides Information and Specialized Economical Studies, International Missions and Contacts (for Business, Administration and Government groups), Training and Consultancy in key areas such as Management, Marketing, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility, Languages  and Human Capital.

AIP-CCI has a big expertise on training and on the development and concept of different kind of materials for different kind of training and methodologies. AIP-CCI has the accreditation for training and for all the training phases from the public direction DGERT and also has the Quality Certification.

AIP-CCI has a long history on partnership with different agents and countries and participates regularly on European projects such as Interregn, Leonardo da Vinci and National UE programs such as Equal; QREN, POPH.

Experience on similar projects

AIP-CCI has a large experience on coordination and project management  and was involved in different projects with and for  different National, European and International stakeholders.

AIP has developed an intense activity in the areas of e-Learning, Social and Informal Learning and Web 2.0, among which the main vectors are as following:

  • Design and organization of Lectures and Conferences on the theme of Creative Learning, with national and foreign reference keynote speakers - Creative Learning, Lisbon, 2007 and 2009.
  • AIP is organizing an equivalent event for this year, 2011, expecting  the participation of around 1.500 professionals from the business world, universities, local and central government and, indirectly, many other citizens with interest in these matters.
  • Production of Study on "Informal Learning and Utilization of the ITC on Portuguese Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises", a work done in collaboration with the Catholic University that had the scientific supervision of Prof. Roberto Carneiro (an authority in these issues).
  • Participation in International Projects on Informal Learning and Distance Learning among which NetKnowing Project is currently being held, under the aegis of the European Union - Leonardo Da Vinci funds.
  • Participation in events markedly precursors in these areas, among which stand out, the cycle ASTD Conference, Chicago, May 2010.
  • Participation in various other events organized at the national level (Workshops, Seminars, Meetings, etc.), with AIP as guest speaker, producing communications and giving its perspective of learning and continuous long life learning.

To AIP-CCI, Netknowing 2.0 Project is therefore one more opportunity to operationalize some of the ideas and concepts that we have been systematizing over time and the ones we would like to see generalized in the actual context.

Associação Industrial Portuguesa – Câmara de Comércio e Industria
Training, Development & Innovation
Praça das Industrias
Apartado 3200
1301397 Lisboa
Contact: Helena Caiado
Tel. +351 213 601 663


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