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The University of Limerick, situated in the Mid-West of Ireland, serves a local population of some 350,000, however, a key element of the local economy is based on modern high technology manufacturing industry mainly in the healthcare, aerospace and IT/electronics sectors. These industries employ a high percentage of graduates in the science, engineering and technology disciplines, fields in which new knowledge is constantly evolving, being transferred and applied in industry. There is thus a strong local demand for continuing and post-experiential learning, some of which is satisfied by the University's part time Masters programmes and occasional short courses. EMRC is an established research unit of the university with some 12 researches and associates scattered throughout Ireland.


Ongoing EU projects

EMRC has been involved in many EU funded projects over the last twenty years, since the advent of computer supported learning, now more usually known as eLearning, with interests in all aspect of the confluence of ICT and learning with a focus on the people, teachers and learners, and an insistence that the technology enhances the learning. Recent and current projects follow three themes: eLearning in SMEs, the impact of Web2 and social media on learning, and ICT support for PBL (Problem Bases Learning).

Details can be found at EMRC is particularly active in the programmes of the EU DG Education and Culture and has established and maintains links throughout Europe and beyond with some 40 partners.

Educational Media Research Centre,
Electronics and Computer Engineering
University of Limerick
D2027, University of Limerick, Plassey, Limerick
Contact: Timothy Hall
Tel. +353 61 202294
Fax +353 61 338176



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