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ITURBROK S.L. provides consultancy, technical assistance and specialized services relating to Information Society and IT. It is established since 1992. It is based in Pamplona (Navarra), in the north of Spain.

Most part of its activities focus on developing projects and activities concerning ICT application to the following areas:

  • Local, rural and regional development. 
  • Innovation in businesses and organisations.
  • Creation and improvement of employment.
  • Support for the creation of new IT businesses.
  • Information and documentation systems.
  • Service Innovation.
  • Innovation of training activities.
  • Valorisation of cultural heritage.

ITURBROK S.L. has a large experience in generating developing and managing projects and activities in European programmes (NOW, ADAPT, INTERREG, LEADER, EQUAL, LEONARDO DA VINCI, GRUNDVTIG). It also carries out such activities for third party customers. It runs one municipal telecentre in Pamplona and in the last years has been involved in the creation, and management of telecentres in several rural areas of Spain. ITURBROK also participates in campaigns for public ICT training.

The Services

ICT Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Consultancy and technical assistance to create and develop activities and projects related to the Information Society such asstrategic plans, support programmes for new ICT business initiatives, knowledge management systems, advice and support in processes involving technological innovation.

Teleworking Learning and Advising

Consultancy services to implement Teleworking and Distance Management in organisations. Development of training programmes and activities related to Teleworking, Distance Management and Virtual Organisation, in face to face settings and via e-learning.

ICT Training and e-Learning developments

Development and implementation of ICT training programmes. Designing and implementing e-learning systems, including the development of multimedia learning contents and methodologies.

Set up and management of telecentres

Comprehensive services for design, start-up, management and monitoring of telecentres in urban and rural areas.


Design, implementation and maintenance of new teleservices or modernisation of traditional services by ICT applications. Creation and maintenance of cooperative Intranets and Extranets.

European Projects

Consultancy and Technical Assistance to develop and coordinate transnational projects in the framework of European Programmes, specially INTERREG, LEADER, LEONARDO DA VINCI, GRUNDTVIG, COMENIUS and TRANSVERSAL KEY ACTIONS of LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME.Iturbrok has over 15 years experience European. We have participated in 54 projects as either promoter, partner or coordinator.

The main on going projects and activities

Management of the “Women ICT & Equality Compañía Centre”

Since 2002 our company is in charge of managing the Centro Compañía of the Town Council of Pamplona, Navarre. Centro Compañía is a multimedia information and training resources centre open to all women with to promote equality and facilitate the use of new technologies such as information, learning, communication and participation tools.

At the Centro Compañía we deliver a wide and varied training programme in new technologies, with over 2400 training hours per year and over 750 female participants. The fields covered by the training programme include: introduction to IT and basic office automation tools, teletraining in programming languages, e-mail and videoconferencing , personal communication tools and advanced web surfing. We help users to solve any problems that may arise concerning the use of the IT equipment that is available free of charge in the Centre. We also provide information services about Equality and Women issues.

NetKnowing 2.0 (2010-2012)

Web 2.0 Technologies and Net Collaborating Practices to support Informal learning in Small and Medium European Enterprises. LEONARDO DA VINCI-TOI 2010-1-ES1-LEO05-21054.

COOP-PBLinVET (2010-2012)

Promoting Project & Practice Based Learning supported by Collaborative Learning Technologies in Initial Vocational Education of Mechanical Manufacturing. LEONARDO DA VINCI-TOI 2010-1-ES1-LEO05-21046.


Assisting EU citizens to deal with mobility issues. It will be accomplished through the development and implementation of innovative ICT tools and didactical methodologies concerning learning of foreign languages and cultural aspects relate to the daily life in United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. (2008-2010 KA3MP143456- PL-2008-KA3-KA3MP).

ESPA EST 2.0. (2009-2011)
On line learning of Spanish Business Langauge for Entrepreneurs of Easter Europe countries. LEONARDO DA VINCI-TOI 2009-1-PL1-LEO05-05043.

SHNW Safety and Health for New Workers (2009-2011)
Developing a training game an new pedagogical approach on Safety and Health fo New Workers of industrial SMEs. LEONARDO DA VINCI-TOI ES/09/LLP-LdV/TOI/149091.

Pza. Miguel de Barandiaran, 5 - Of. 5
31014 Pamplona
Tel. +34 948131832
Fax.+34 948134879
Contact person: Marta Mañas


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