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TEMPO TRAINING & CONSULTING a.s. is the private training and consulting company which provides services in following areas:

  • Training
  • Personnel and project consulting
  • Preparation and implementation of national and international projects financed from the EU resources
  • Outsourcing in the field of human resource management

TEMPO training centre was established in September 1996 in Ostrava. The company got into the market specialized in education, especially in the areas of computer training, management, entrepreneurial, and language courses. The chance to cooperate on European projects was the essential turning-point in development of the company. Since 1998 TEMPO has participated in the international projects under the framework of LLP, Culture 2000, INTI, AGIS. Except for international projects TEMPO also has been preparing and realizing projects at national level within the Phare, EQUAL, ESF and ERDF programs.


Nowadays the company is divided into three departments: Training, Human Relationship and EU department.

Training Department
Skilled trainers offer training for development of personal, managerial, selling and professional skills through the company and public seminary. Other products within the TEMPO’s portfolio are retraining courses, computer education, individual consultation as well as ECDL testing.

Human Relationship Department
Human Relationship Department provides recruitment for external clients, personal and professional testing of potential candidates or current employees, consulting in the field of human resources management and many other additional services.

EU Department
EU Department specializes in creation, development and implementation of both national and international projects. As for ESF projects, TEMPO provides counselling, formation of application forms and administrative support for companies but it realises own project ideas. In the field of international projects it focuses on educational and learning projects under Lifelong Learning Program. TEMPO acts either as a partner or as a coordinator in these projects.    

Ongoing projects

ECVET TC NET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training TOURISM & CATERING NETWORK)
The Leonardo da Vinci project aims at development and elaboration of the ECVET system for the tourism and catering industry in Europe as a basis for mutual recognition and transparency of competences and learning outcomes in this industry.  

E-N.L.L (Never late to learn!)
E-N.L.L is a network, established to promote cooperation in offering learning opportunities for elderly people who need different approach to be involved into learning, specific learning paths and encouraging support. On the other point, network helps training institutions that need additional support to switch to elderly audience.

FSPSL-OES (From School to Professional and Social Life – in an Open European Space)
Partnership project realised under the subprogram Grundtvig aims to strength links between European educational systems, the labour market and the civil society, for a better integration of young people (16-25 years old) in professional and social life, as active European citizens, avoiding social exclusion.

Mol@m (Moving at Labour Market)
Mol@m project aims at expanding career councillor`s knowledge, by developing an online Interactive Tool, that will provide practical information on local rules and practices related to various European job markets and local job-cultures. 

New Skills for Women (Re) Integration in the Labour Market
The main goal of project is to empower women returning to the labour market after a hiatus in their careers that can be result of maternity, illness or unemployment. Women will be encouraged in using ICT they will be educated and supported in order to set up their own business. In order to achieve this goal online courses will be available on the internet. The courses will be focused not only on women themselves but also on couches and facilitators helping women to integrate to the labour market and providing them with a psychical support.

SHNW is a transnational project that intends to transfer innovative solutions to the problem of accidents at work faced by new employees of small enterprises and businesses in the industrial sector.

RECHANCE (Raising employment chances of social disadvantaged young people)
The projects aim is helping these young people developing their social skill through different training modules and outdoor activities.

PrMaCLT - Promoting Matching Competences in Language Training
The project wants to react to the situation that occurs within many language courses – the mismatch between the formal degree or qualifications obtained and the real need of the customer.

NetKnowing 2.0
Web 2.0 Technologies and Net Collaborating Practices to support Informal learning in Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe.  

Alejnikovova 5
70030 Ostrava
Czech Republic
Contact: Veronika Romanova
Tel. +420596740293


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