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Six Work Packages

The planned activities are in six main Work Packages:

WP1: Preparation

  • Analysing the transferability of products and results of and other related experiences, results or product available in the partnership.
  • Defining the essential skills and competencies to be developed by the didactical package.
  • Identifying the requirements of the target SMEs in each of the participating countries.
  • Agreement about transference conditions, strategies and methodologies.

WP2: Curriculum design and elaboration of the training programmes and didactical methodologies of the courses and workshops.

WP3: Development and multimedia production of contents of didactical materials, tools, resources, Web 2.0 Toolkit and e-learning suite and implementation.

WP4: Testing training experiences:

  • Test the self-learning basic course by distribution to a significant representative sample of SMEs in each country, involving them in the evaluation.
  • Test the Upper e-learning course by organising pilot delivery and evaluating results.
  • Conduct SMEs workshops, by organising at least two during the project in each country and evaluate.

WP5: Evaluation of the transference, identification of Lessons Learned and future exploitation of results.

WP6: Dissemination activities.


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