Training Program

Training Program The objective of this document is to detail objectives to be addressed by the courses developed in NetKnowing 2.0 project and the corresponding contents and methodologies.


Report: Background of The Transfer / February 2011                        Download!

In WP1 workshop, partners exchanged information about previous projects and their experiences related to issues connected with informal and creative learning, e-learning, Communities of Practices, and Net collaboration competencies research. The possibilities of transfer to NetKnowing 2.0 project were analyzed and discussed. The main starting point of transfer was the SIMPEL project, financed by EU e-Learning Programme (2006-2008) in which a prototype sustainable training strategy for SMEs based on eLearning was developed. The WP1 Report describes the available transferable products available in the partnership and partners’ agreements related to requirements and strategies for transfer.



Netknowing 2.0 Target Description Report / May 2011  Download!

In order to develop a common research and reflection on the competences needed by SMEs and organization so as to benefit from the possibilities of acquiring informal learning within Web 2.0 and Social Networks, the partners of the Netknowing 2.0 Project have analysed and described the key characteristics of SMEs of each country – Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany Czech Republic and  Lithuania -  that relate to learning practices, interests and uses.

In this common report, we describe briefly their:

• learning culture, habits and motivation,
• degree of use and availability of ICT  Web 2.0,
• national technological environments,
• challenges related to learning, and skills/competences improvement.

The aim is to inform the process of satisfying the main targets of the NetKnowing 2.0 Project through helping the partners gain a better understanding of the learning competence needs and contexts of SMEs and organizations in each country. 
Report cover


Map of Competences to acquire and facilitate informal learning trough Web 2.0 and Networking. Download!

The objective of this document is to build a referential of competencies needed both to obtain the acquisition of informal learning trough the use of Web 20 Technologies and to facilitate it in daily work and job posts of enterprises and organisations.




Innovative E-Learning Solutions and Environments for Small and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs)   Download!

Ileana Hamburg from Institut Arbeit und Technik (IAT) has recently published this chapter including comments about NetKnowing 2.0 project in the book “eLearning Theories, Design, Software and Applications” (ISBN 978-953-51-0475-9).

The book has been edited by Patrizia Ghislandi, who is full professor of “educational technologies” at the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences, Trento University, Italy.

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Learning to use Web 2.0 and net collaborative practices in SMEs   Download!

Ileana Hamburg of Institut Arbeit und Technik, FH Gelsenkirchen and Marta Mañas of Iturbrok S.L. prepared this conference paper including a description of outcomes of NetKnowing 2.0 Project that was presented the 11th November 2011 in the International Conference on Lifelong Learning for Competitiviness, Employability and Social Inclusion organized by the University of Craiova.

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NetKnowing 2.0 Outcomes Presentation
(May 2012)  Download!

An overview of the main achievements obtained in the project presented in the Workshop with Lithuanian SMEs held the 18th May 2012 in Siauliai (Lithuania).

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New Economic Situation, New Learning Formats  Download!

A presentation of the main conclusions and ideas of the CREATIVE LEARNING BUSINESS INNOVATION 2011 Conference, prepared and presented by Helena Caiado of AIP (PT) in the Workshop with Lithuanian SMEs held the 18th May 2012 in Siauliai (Lithuania).

  Report cover


Implementing Informal Learning in Companies  Download!

A presentation about strategies of implementing informal learning supported on social media on companies and organizations, prepared and presented by Ileana Hamburg of IAT (DE) in the Workshop with Lithuanian SMEs held the 18th May 2012 in Siauliai (Lithuania).





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