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Agile Learning in a 2.0 World: How to Enable Informal Learning at Scale

Webseminar Thursday, November 18, 2010. PRESENTERS:Brian Taliesin, Director of Product Management, Intrepid Learning Solutions. Learn how your organization can create a blended informal and formal learning model to meet the needs of today multigenerational workforce an understand the use of Web 2.0 tools, such as wikis, blogs, video capturing and editing applications, and virtual worlds for informal learning purposes.

Centre for Workplace Skills
The Centre for Workplace Skills is an independent, national organization led by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program. We bring together business, labour and other groups with an interest in workplace skills development in order to promote effective practices in workplace learning.
Informal learning and the use of Web 2.0 within SME training strategies

Ileana Hamburg, Institute for Work and Technology and Timothy Hall, EMRC-Educational Media Research Centre, University of Limerick . Learning by using Web 2.0 (eLearning 2.0) is based on tools that combine ease of creation of content with web delivery. In eLearning 2.0 the driver is the worker, as the content can be created by the users, individually or together. Using the familiar tools of Web 2.0 (such as wikis, social networking, bookmarks, blogs, etc) everyone can be a learner-teacher, as the barriers to ICT based training are removed. With its clear focus on community, eLearning 2.0 is ideal for SMEs, as it supports natural informal learning by simplifying.

Informal learning in the era of Web 2.0.

Elina Jokisalo and Antoni Riu . P.A.U. Education
This article focuses on individual development through e-learning and learning in communities. Individual development through e-learning ranges from education to training-related activities, together with any other technology-enhanced learning activities not necessarily mediated by formal educational institutions. Participation in online communities can produce both intentional and unintentional learning.

Web 2.0 applications as alternative environmentsfor informal learning - a critical review

Neil Selwyn. Institute of Education, University of London, UK. What evidence is there for informal learning taking place within Web 2.0 applications,and if so, in what ways? Can Web 2.0 applications be designed to facilitate informal learning?



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2012-11-02 19:33:04
12 Women of the Centro Compañía of Pamplona participated in a NetKnowing 2.0 Online Basic Course
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2012-11-02 19:12:09
35 Students of Business Management of the Public University of Navarra participated in a NetKnowing 2.0 Workshop and in the Online Basic Course
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2012-09-15 18:26:30
NetKnowing 2.0 Advanced Course presented in the Workshop: “Solutions for Companies HAGENER Agentur” in Hagen
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