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2011-05-09 13:00:18

2nd Transnational NetKnowing 2.0 Meeting in Prague

The second transnational meeting of NetKnowing 2.0 Project was held in last 30th and 31st March. Representatives of six european entities participating in the project met in the Prague (Czek Republic).

The main topics discussed during the meeting were:

  • the conclusion of the targets analysis elaborated by each partner in the own country
  • the map of competencies to be provided by the basic and advanced courses to be developed as main outcome of the project,
  • main guidelines and orientations of the training programme and didactical contents development.

Siauliai CCIC  presented the definitive version of Report of Background of Transfer, available now on the “Outcomes” part of this Website.

EMRC presented a draft of Map of Competencies to be adressed by the training courses as a digest of the contributions received from all the partners, as starting point to start the discussion. Finally, 3 main areas of competences were identified: Technology, Learning and Social Skills. The detail and description of these competences will be included in the definitive Map of Competencies, prepared by EMRC and soon available in the website.

IAT presented a first proposal of guidelines/orientations of the training program for both basic and upper level courses. It was discussed according the conclusions obtained in the previous point and  finally, the main structure of the two courses was agreed

It was too presented a proposal of the specifications and functional criteria of CoP-Comunity of Practice, that will be co-ordinated and supported by IAT. The NetKnowing 2.0 CoP will bee created to support SMEs to adopt and use Web 2.0, networking and sharing knowledge activities to acquire and generate informal learning. It will be an instrument to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between SMEs, practicioners and experts.

It was approved too a work plan to prepare didactical contents, in which all the partner will be involved. According that, is expected to have a beta version for the basis course in October 2011.

Partners agreed a dissemination strategy, presented by Iturbrok, aimed to guarantee a great visibility of the project, specially in Internet and events related to SMEs and training. Next partner’s meeting will be held in Lisbon, the 27th October, organized by the Associação Industrial Portuguesa – Câmara de Comércio e Industria (AIP-CCI).




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