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2011-06-23 13:35:35

Behaviour and Information Technology (BIT): Informal Learning in Work Environments: and Training with the Social Web in the workplace

The Research Group of Interaction and e-learning of the University Institut of Education Sciences of University of Salamanca (Spain) is working in a new publication intitled “Behaviour and Information Technology (BIT) Special Issue: Informal Learning in Work Environments: Training with the Social Web in the workplace”.

The authors are collecting now current practices used to manage informal learning in workplaces which are based on Web 2.0 solutions. This issue intends to emphasise how informal learning changes or influences online information in the Social Web and the training strategies used in institutions.

Areas for inclusion in this special issue comprise of those related to Informal Learning based on the Social Web and the implications of findings for both online information and training in the workplace. Topics covered include but are not limited to:

-Social Web informal learning cases: successful and unsuccessful histories
-Social networking for informal learning
-Authoring rights and copyright licenses in Web 2.0 informal learning
-Informal learning and Open knowledge relationships
-Knowledge management in informal learning
-Technological issues related to informal learning platforms
-Corporate blogging and nanoblogging and their influence on informal learning
-Codified Vs. Not-codified knowledge management and Web 2.0 in enterprises
-Learning organizations and informal learning supported by Web 2.0
-Multicultural issues about the informal learning enabled by the Social Web
-Sociosemantic Web and informal learning in the workplace.

Guest editors are
Francisco J. Garcia-Peñalvo, PhD, Universidad de Salamanca, SPAIN.
Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, PhD, Universidad Carlos III, SPAIN.
Miltiadis D. Lytras, PhD, The American College of Greece, GREECE.

For more info, you can visit or contact:
GRupo de Investigación en InterAcción y eLearning
Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Educación (IUCE)
Paseo de Canalejas, 169
37008 Salamanca (España)


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