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2011-08-05 18:37:21

Webminar: Understanding Informal Learning has organised a webinar, sponsored by ACS, the next 30th August 2011. This informative webinar will be aimed to learn:

  • What informal learning entails.
  • What technical and design components are necessary to implement informal learning successfully.
  • How to put together a strategy for your company and then how to implement against that strategy.
  • How to define policies and procedures that will help make the implementation  of informal learning more sticky and productive.
  • Where to start on the path to make your company more agile by adopting future technologies.

Social Networking is the newest flavor of Informal Learning.. The growth of social networking mandates the need for learning teams to take responsibility for the  selection and usage of social networking tools, including developing the processes and policies that bring focus for the company’s employees, partners and customers.

Link to be registerd in the Webminar:


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2012-11-02 19:33:04
12 Women of the Centro Compañía of Pamplona participated in a NetKnowing 2.0 Online Basic Course
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2012-11-02 19:12:09
35 Students of Business Management of the Public University of Navarra participated in a NetKnowing 2.0 Workshop and in the Online Basic Course
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2012-09-15 18:26:30
NetKnowing 2.0 Advanced Course presented in the Workshop: “Solutions for Companies HAGENER Agentur” in Hagen
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