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2011-10-05 19:23:35

NetKnowing 2.0 in Creative Learning Business Innovation 2011

Next 26th October 2011, NetKnowing 2.0 Project will be presented in Lisbon, in the framework of the Creative Learning Business Innovation Forum Conference 2011. It is being organized by AIP -Associação Industrial Portuguesa –Câmara de Comércio e Indústria, the Portuguese partner of NetKnowing 2.0 Project.

A workshop entitled “NetKnowing 2.0: How social networks and Web 2.0 support informal learning in your company (organization)?” will be developed and driven by the European partners of the project. It will be composed by 3 presentations (

  • The NetKnowing 2.0 European Project: overview (Marta Mañas / Director of Iturbrok S.L., Spain).
  • The NetKnowing 2.0 didactical products for SMEs and organizations (Timothy Hall / Director of EMRC- Educational Media Research Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland).
  • Storytelling (case study): Informal and social collaborative learning through mentoring and Communities. (Ileana Hamburg from Institut Arbeit und Technik, FH Gelsenkirchen (IAT) and lecturer for Informatics at the Open University (FU) of Hagen, Germany)

Several interactive activities like group discussions based on common analysis of case studies and group dynamics, question-and-answer sessions and a storytelling of own experiences panel will complete the workshop.

Participants will be invited to participate after in the test of NetKnowing 2.0 Basic Course and in the pilot training experience of NetKnowing 2.0 Advanced course, as well as to participate in the Community of Practices and to receive e-Newsletters of the project.

Creative Learning Business Innovation 2011 is promoting the total alignment of the human and technological tools capable of responding to the biggest challenges, needs and concerns of companies. The current economic situation and the emergence of important new world players call for a rapid, organized response in terms of human resources training and the financing and internationalization of companies in order to increase sales and reduce costs in the local and global markets.


The Conference focuses on business propositions based on new technologies and Web 2.0 – this is the CORE – sustained by the creativity and speed of a learning style that should be increasingly effective and informal.

For more info:

Contact: Associação Industrial Portuguesa –Câmara de Comércio e Indústria - Praça das Indústrias -Apartado 3200 EC Junqueira1301-918 Lisbon PORTUGAL / telephone: (+351) 213 601 675 / 73- fax: (+351) 213 639 046 / e-mail:


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