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2012-02-10 17:27:54

NetKnowing 2.0 presented in International Exhibition of Business in Siauliai

All of us should constantly learn in this overflowed with information world. Efficient and effective training is the key to the durability of the business and the basis for a profitable business strategy. In late November in Siauliai (Lithuania) during International Exhibition of Business and Achievements "Siauliai 2011” Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts in cooperation with the Education Exchanges Support Foundation, coordinator of the Leonardo Da Vinci program implementation in Lithuania, invited to the seminar "Training Solutions for Business".

During the seminar Edita Grigaliauskienė, Head of the Vocational Training and Education Department of Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, has presented Life Long Learning Programme project NetKnowing 2.0. The audience was personnel experts, project managers, managers, students and other interested persons. All of them were invited to participate in trainings and make themselves familiar with possibilities of using Social networks and Web 2.0 in organizing of employees‘competences development. It was discussed about the learning as natural process, that the most of it occurs not in classrooms or audiences, but even 90 per cent of our learning takes place in informal environment. So it is obvious that the company should pay more attention to informal learning. Informal learning is unofficial, low-planned, offhand learning to execute the job. Formal learning is something like a map. We may continue using maps, but people have invented GPS that really speeds up the arrival to destination. Informal learning is that GPS in the way of acquiring the skills.

With the help of Social networking and Web 2.0 technologies, we can optimize the learning process and results. How? Survey the Basic Course on the web and take part in Advanced Training Course.


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