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2012-04-09 13:55:40

NetKnowing 2.0 Project presented to EURIS Consortium in Pamplona

On November 24, 2011 the project NetKnowing 2.0 was presented to the partners of  EURIS - European Collaborative and Regional Open Innovation Strategies, a transnational project supported by the Community Initiative Interreg IV C which is leaded by the Regional Government of Navarra. In its European Consortium are taking part also regional entities of Stuttgart (Germany), Eindhoven (Holland), Transdanubia Occidental (Hungary) and Lodz (Poland).

Iturbrok took part, together with other seven companies, in one of the working meeting focused on  needs and strategies of innovation of companies, thanks to an invitation of the Public University of Navarre, which takes part in the project.

Iturbrok presented the project NetKnowing 2.0 as a practical example of how to develop resources to the informal learning sustained by Web tools 2.0.

The presentation was attended by representatives of the Department of Industry, Government of Navarre, Public University of Navarra (Department of Business Administration and the OTRI) and the University of Stuttgart, Lodz and István Széchenyi and the Navarre companies: enonatura, Grupo Riberebro , Anteral SL, Acciona SA, Menu Winpower and Sanae.


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