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2012-06-20 16:39:45

Second pilot testing experience with SMEs in Spain with the collaboration of CEDERNA GARALUR Association

Iturbrok carried between 19th April and 29th May 2012 the second pilot testing activity of the NetKnowing 2.0 Basic Course. As in the first one, held during March and April 2012, the CEDERNA GARALUR Association has been involved as national collaborator.

This second course was targeted on SMEs of rural areas of the north of Navarra and developed in the Services’s Center of CEDERNA GARALUR in Sakana area, located in Arbizu, a small town 60 Km far away from Pamplona. Managers and technicians of 13 small enterprises have participated in the experience, mainly of them belonging to rural touristic sector.
As the first experiences, it was composed by 3 face to face workshops around Informal Learning and Web 2.0. technologies and Social Media Web 2.0, networks concepts and net-etiquette and personal strategies to improve informal learning opportunities.

They have been combined  with the self-consultation of the on line Basic Course developed by NetKnowing 2.0 project and guided practices are exercises that participants accomplished by their own side, with the support of the tutor (by mail, Skype, Messenger or the NetKnowing 2.0 corporate social network on This practical activities consisted of participation in forums, development of a common wiki about informal learning definitions, searching interesting blogs and sharing by tweets or posts, creation fo Facebook  profiles and selecting contacts, creation own blogs and subscription of Feeds RSS with Explorer, MS Outlook and Google Reader.

The Association CEDERNA GARALUR: it is a great entity providing services on rural development of the half north of Navarra’s regions ( It has a strong activities focused on small rural enterprises and new business entrepreneurs.
A convention was signed in March 2012 with Iturbrok agreeing the compromise of CEDERNA GARALUR to provide better access to the targeted SMEs, to participate in dissemination activities and to contribute to the organization of the courses, as well as facilitating its own equipments and classrooms.


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