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2012-06-20 18:44:49

4th Transnational Project’s Meeting in Siauliai

The fourth transnational meeting of NetKnowing 2.0 Project was held last 17th and 18th May 2012. Representatives of six European entities participating in the project meet in Siauliai (LIthuania).

The main topics discussed during the meeting were:

- the development of the pilot testing experience of the Basic Course in each participating country.
- the workplan to close the revision of the Basic Course and preparation of the DVD production.
- the presentation of the advancements related to the Advanced Course and the Toolbox.
- the revision of pending works to finish all the previewed outcomes

Concerning the development of pilot testing experiences, Tempo, EMRC and Iturbrok presented the pilot testing experiences carried out during April and May 2012 in Czech Republic, Ireland and Spain.

In the case or Spain, it have been decided to organize a blended training pilot experiences of the Basic Course, because several Spanish entities – as CEDERNA GARALUR Association and Public University of Navarra - have been involved to provide to Iturbrok better access to the targets, and can collaborate in the dissemination and organization of the courses, as well as providing free equipments an classrooms. 23 organization’s  technicians and 13 SMEs have been involved at May 2012, and it is expected to involve at least 50 more until September 2012.

It the case of Ireland, it established a partnership with a Skills Net, called uLearning. Skills Net are government funded initiatives to help business and industry be more competitive through cooperation and up-skilling. uLearning is well established and has developed variants of some of the universities programmes for distance delivery with in-company lectures and tutorials, it has links to very many companies in our region. They will discuss NeKnowing 2.0 when they visit companies and invite them to be part of our testing and evaluation, giving them our leaflet and a copy of the basic course DVD when it’s available.

uLearning is also responsible in its region for the soft skills aspect of the government retraining scheme for unemployed third level graduates called “Springboard” this includes Web2.0 awareness, we are planning to do this using our basic course. There will be up to 30 participants. The initial idea is to run an introductory seminar and give them the basic course in self-learning mode. We will run pre- and post- questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.
In the case of Czech Republic, orior the testing Tempo organized seminars for two groups of stakeholders, where 18 persons have participated and the project, mains concepts of. informal learning and social media and the NetKnowing 2.0 Learning Suite were presented. After presentations, participants discussed current situation of the field of corporate learning and the level of e-learning usage in Czech conditions. 107 SME‘s were approached to participate in the testing and Municipal Chamber of Commerce has been contacted.

According adopted agreements during the meeting, it is expected to have the DVD with the basic course produced at the end of July 2012, to be distributed to SMEs, and the Advanced Course Handbook will be ready to test in all the national versions at 15th July.


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