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2011-03-31 00:07:59

The Background of Transfer in NetKowing 2.0

The report of the Background of Transfer of NetKnowing Project is now available to be downloaded from result’s are of NetKnowing 2.0. Website All the partners have participated to prepare it under the coordination and supervision of Chamber of Commerce of Siauliai, who was reponsible of its production.

During WP1 workshop, partners exchanged about the existing previous experiences, projects and experiences in each entity related to issues connected with informal and creative learning, e-learning, Communities of Practices, and net collaborating competencies research. The possibilities to transfer them to NetKnowing 2.0 project were analyzed and discussed. The main starting point of transfer is SIMPEL project, financed by EU e-Learning Programme (2006-2008) in wich a draft of sustainable training strategy for SMEs based on eLearning was developed. This Report describes all the available transferable products existing in the partnership and the transfer requirements and strategies agreed by NetKnowing 2.0 partners.

The purpose of the European project SIMPEL was to identify and to promote effective e-learning solutions and models for Small and Medium Enterprises. On the basis of analyses and valorisation of existing successful projects in the European Union SIMPEL developed guidelines and puts forward examples of innovative best practice, in order to help improve the training situation in those companies, which form the backbone of the European economy, especially in terms of job creation. The strategy has been done in cooperation between SIMPEL partners and consultants for SMEs, discussed, and improved so that it could be adapted to specific national requirements.

Summarizing, the existing products and experiences connected with KnetKnowing 2.0, and described in this report, are:

  • The “Sustainable training strategy for SMEs based on eLearning” and the Community of Practice resulting from SIMPEL project, promoted by IAT (Germany).
  • The Study “Informal Learning and Utilisation of the ITs on the Portuguese Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, carried out by AIP (Portugal).
  • Conclusions and results of Creative Learning Conferences organized with the participation of AIP in Lisboa in 2009.
  • The Standard of Training on Competences for eWorkers and the on line Training Module “Identifying training requirements and planning and evaluation the implementation” developed in eWork Learnet Project, promoted by Iturbrok (Spain).
  • The Standard of Competences for Distance Managers and the on line module “E-Teams Communication”, developed in eCore Managers Project, promoted by Iturbrok (Spain).


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