NetKnowing 2.0 enables SMEs to use Web 2.0 and networking to acquire and generate informal learning

Lack of skills is an important barrier to innovation and sustainability in European SMEs. Acquiring new skills implies training and learning. SME personnel strongly prefer informal ways of learning new things or improving their efficiency with daily tasks. These techniques are often not thought of as “learning” but thanks to Web 2.0 Technologies and Net Collaborative Practices, these activities and the information gathered can be transformed and shared as structured informal learning to contribute to the knowledge development of SMEs.

The Net Knowing 2.0 project aims to enable entrepreneurs, managers and supervisory staff of European SMEs:

  • to use Web 2.0. technologies and net collaborative practices to obtain informal learning.
  • to learn how to put in place sustainable informal learning strategies in their companies that are based on knowledge sharing supported by Web 2.0 and net collaborative practices.

What is Informal Learning within Web 2.0?

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