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The NetKnowing 2.0 Didactical Products

NetKnowing 2.0 will produce a didactical package that will consist in:

  • A self-learning brief and concentrated course to be supported both in DVD and in e-learning platform (Basic level). It will be focused on how to obtain informal learning by networking practices and by the basic use of the most popular Web 2.0 tools. It will also aim to increase the awareness of the usefulness of e-learning to SMEs.
  • An e-learning course (Advanced level). It will focus on the implementation of Web 2.0 and structured informal learning systems based on the application of knowledge management practices in SMEs. It will develop two themes: 1. How to convert the knowledge obtained from daily work practices, networking activity and spontaneous informal learning into corporate knowledge stored in a structured informal training system supported by Web 2.0 technologies, social and collaborative learning principles and techniques of shared knowledge management; 2. How to combine them with formal learning to implement continuing training strategies in SMEs and how to integrate these approaches in a sustainable LLL strategy.

It will be developed to be delivered both by coached distance e-learning and by blended learning, combining workshops and e-training.

  • An e-learning Web 2.0. platform including a Toolkit of Web 2.0 tools useful to provide informal training, containing demos of social Web 2.0 software with brief introductions and explanation of their utility.
  • A set of didactical materials for workshops and tools for delivering two modular formative face-to-face workshops for the basic and the upper-level course.
  • A Comunity of Practice (CoP) aimed to support or coach SMEs with less experience and resources to: solve practical problems in using e-learning, networking practices, and in implementing and/or using Web2.0 technologies to support knowledge management and informal learning systems.


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