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Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts is a secure social – economical partner. In cooperation with public authority and management institutions Siauliai Chamber promotes the development of industrial branches in the region and supply services for business companies. Over all the time of existence Chamber actively participates in economical social events and arranges propositions for economical development. Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts representing its members, provides help for regional parties of economy in developing international collaboration with foreign partners, in increasing the export of goods and the supply of Lithuanian production to foreign market, also in attracting direct investment from abroad. A considerable attention is paid to the creation of favourable conditions for business establishment, the promotion of enterprise and consolidation of social dialogue.
The representation of business interests is the consolidation of the permanent partnership between business and authority institutions, debate and bargain with responsible persons and institutions in order to create favorable conditions for business establishment. As the organization of employers, Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts represents members in EU, regional, national and international levels directly or through Association of Lithuanian CCIC.
Siauliai CCIC cooperates with Siauliai University in establishing the core of knowledge economy in Siauliai region and with vocational training institutions and employers, as social partner. It participates in vocational training policies and the assessment of new vocational training programs. It organizes final practical qualifications evaluation of vocational training students.

Business Services

 Organisation of business events

  • Trainings and consultative tutorials.
  • Conferences and  business forums to help the region of Siauliai to become a desirable place for investments.
  • Chamber membership club: meetings of representatives of companies and discussions about interesting and useful subjects.
  • Anual International business and achievements exhibition SIAULIAI.
  • Evaluations and contests of business achievements.
  • Evaluations of companies' work and annual rewards to export activities and successful trade companies.

 Business Information

  • Business opportunities, exhibitions and  fairs.
  • Financing opportunities of EU and national business.
  • Publishing the publication "Rumi zinios".
  • Spreading business information publications.

 Business partnerships and international cooperation

  • Arranging events of business contacts, missions of businessmen from abroad and business missions to foreign countries.
  • The search of foreign market and business contacts.
  • Database of business partner search.

 Other services

  • The issue and validation of certificates of the origin of goods and consultations about.
  • The issue of GS1 system numbers for goods.
  • Consultations about numbering of goods and bar coding, the system basics, numbering regulations and technological peculiarities.
  • Determination and issue of Force Majeure Certificates related to failure of performing contracts.


Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
Vilniaus str. 88
LT-76285 Siauliai
Tel. +370 41 520560
Fax +370 41 523903
Contact: Daiva Jonuskiene


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