Our Project - Objectives

Main Objectives

The aim of NetKnowing 2.0 is to help small and medium European enterprises to turn daily tasks into a source of corporate informal learning for all employees, thus enabling the integration of lifelong learning with normal work practices and provide an opportunity for companies to build their own formative learning resources.

Net Knowing 2.0 is focused on the development, test and dissemination of a didactical package to enable managers and supervisory staff of SMEs to utilise Web 2.0 technologies, Networking and e-Collaboration as an instrument for their own personal learning and to support corporate informal learning systems in their enterprises.

The main objectives are to qualify SMEs:

  • to use Web 2.0 technologies applied to knowledge sharing and the facilitation of informal collaborative learning, involving all employees.
  • to design formative, sustainable, and flexible lifelong learning strategies for employee training, formal and informal, accessible from their own working places.


Specific objectives 

  • To enable managers and supervisory staff of SMEs to improve their informal learning opportunities by the use for Web 2.0. Technologies and Networking practices.
  • To enable and encourage them to participate in social professional and entrepreneurial networks and communities of practice in order to obtain the maximum benefits of knowledge sharing activities.
  • To enable managers and supervisory staff of SMEs to implement informal learning systems in their enterprises based on the sharing of information and the management of knowledge based on Web 2.0. Technologies and Net collaborating practicesed on.
  • To improve the awareness in SME of the importance of self-learning and informal learning activities as an important part of their collective knowledge generation and acquisition process and, in this sense, confirm it as a key activity to improve their competitiveness, innovation capability and sustainability.
  • To stimulate SMEs to implement more structured corporate informal learning systems based on Web 2.O technologies and on net collaboration practices.
  • To improve the knowledge sharing culture in SMEs, supporting them to make better use of their collective knowledge as a corporate learning resource.


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